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Vehicle + Phrase:Ford Focus 2004 radiator
Part number:4E0959577C
Vehicle:Audi A4 B5
Category:front door
OEM:850742 VALEO
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Steering wheel AUDI

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In category Steering wheel we have in our service 12 advertisements with car parts to mark AUDI. Car parts fit inter alia to vehicles:AUDI 100 AUDI 80 AUDI A1 

Steering wheel AUDI

Vorsprung durch Technik - Audi, one of the oldest car manufacturers in Germany

Audi is a German car manufacturer, part of the Volkswagen brand. Cars are manufactured in factories Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm, Germany, Hungary Győr and the Brazilian Sao Jose dos Pinhais.

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Construction of car steering wheel

The steering wheel is made ​​mostly of plastic reinforced with steel insert. Wheels mounted on the shaft the wheel. The stator diameter is chosen so that the force which the driver must apply to rotate the wheel, is not too large.

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Won't start until late trottle body held open
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Hi all I am new to this site and I need HELP! Please
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Steering is floaty
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Car cranks but won't start
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Hi I have Audi A4 2.0tfsi auto convertible. I need to buy complete front slam panel....
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