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Vehicle + Phrase:Ford Focus 2004 radiator
Part number:4E0959577C
Vehicle:Audi A4 B5
Category:front door
OEM:850742 VALEO
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Abs system, brake fluid pump

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What are the brake pump?

Hydraulic brake actuating mechanisms are widely used in cars and lighter trucks, as actuation mechanisms brakes. They act in such a way that the force on the pedal is transferred to the liquid through the jaws - brake fluid.
Such a mechanism consists of a main master cylinder, hydraulic cylinders jaws and flexible brake lines, connecting the main pump with expanders. Exerting pressure on the brake pedal moves the main piston master cylinder, increased pressure in the pipes and apart of the piston expander jaws. When you release the brake pedal piston main pump returns to the initial position, return springs withdraw while causing jaws to squeeze fluid from the cylinders back to the main pump.

The major advantages of hydraulics are: lack of impact moves the wheels on the braking system, equal pressure on both the cam brake shoes and the low inertia of the system.

The main master cylinder may be a single, supplying the entire brake system, or double, being as it were a combination of two single pumps, each of which feeds a separate part of the brake system.

Throughout operation of the pump on the other side space of the piston bore is connected to the brake fluid reservoir. In the piston there are openings, which together with the sealing piston relief valve play roles, enabling a rapid return to the rest position of the piston. While retracting, the valve permits fluid flow from the reservoir into the cylinder.

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