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Vehicle + Phrase:Ford Focus 2004 radiator
Part number:4E0959577C
Vehicle:Audi A4 B5
Category:front door
OEM:850742 VALEO
ex. Oil filter Audi A4 B5 or 6Q0012115Fshow more examples
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Why engines are mounted air filters?

Working combustion engine draws in large quantities of air. Since the air contains contaminants in the form of fine dust, and therefore the engine with the air may be sucked hard solids. This dust consists mainly of particles of aluminum oxide or quartz, minerals and so much harder than steel.
To protect engines against harmful dust, apply filters to clean the air entering the cylinders. Engines of modern cars equipped with a more perfect air filters.

Modern filters are mainly air as a dry filter, wherein the impurities are removed by a separation or absorption. The filter is designed so that the air from the purification of impurities by mechanical separation, the air flowing through the filter several times violently changes direction or is strongly whirling. When you change the direction of air flow relatively heavy mechanical impurities due to its inertia trying to keep the initial direction of motion and separated from the air stream.

The air purifying filter by absorption, the air flow must pass through a pad of porous, which captures and retains solids, but freely permeable to air. The most commonly used filters are purifying the air while the separation and absorption. Pollution airborne stop at the filter cartridge, laid out in a zigzag pattern to augment the active surface.

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