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Rear windshield wiper starting in the wrong place


Guest 2018-09-02

I've just found this forum and wonder if someone can help.
I'm getting my car ready for this year's MOT and took it for a wash at an automated carwash. During the wash phase the rollers seemed to grab my rear windshield wiper and I was afraid they were going to pull it off and left it sticking out at the back. When the dryer started up I worried it would break the arm so I drove out of the carwash. When I tried to fold the arm back so the wiper made contact with the window I realised that the wiper blade now rests halfway up through the arc. When I turned the wiper on it starts from that position and ends its arc part way off the back window. It's as if the carwash repositioned the start point for the rear wiper. If it normally started at 9 o'clock on a clock face, it now starts at 12pm. I don't know how to fix it. I can't just twist it to the left or pull it out and turn it. It won't budge and I don't want to damage the electrics. I think the carwash was very forcceful. Has anyone else experienced this and solved it? Any suggestions would be appreciated because I know windshield wipers not cleaning the window can fail an MOT. Thank you.

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Answer to Rear windshield wiper starting in the wrong place TOYOTA YARIS VERSO (1999 - )


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