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OEM:850742 VALEO
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Powiadomienie o nowych ogłoszeniach for Fuse, transmitter

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Principles of electrical fuses and relays.

Electric fuse is a type of non-contact switch element, which under the action of a current of a certain intensity or after the specified time will be destroyed. Its primary function is to protect electrical equipment or electrical system from damage. In colloquial language to formulate the fuse.

For cars we have most often two fuse boxes: one located mostly under the hood, in more detail in the engine compartment and the other inside the cabin, mostly in the area of ​​the dashboard.

In practice, if any electrical device in your car stops working, like electric windows, central locking, power steering, ABS and others - in the first place is worth checking responsible for this fuse. Of course, the reasons may be different, but you should start checking the fault of the fuse. Every electrical device has a different electrical properties and therefore, protected by a fuse is different, with different rated current (expressed in Amps) and voltage (expressed in volts). Fuses for convenience have different colors, depending on the rated current, for example, red is 10A, 30A is green, etc.

An electrical relay is a device whose function is to bring the current from the battery to the specific device, the receiver of electricity. Electrical relays are very popular in the electric vehicles due to their durability and reliability, and functionality. It is through relays eliminates the need for additional power cables.

Relay looks like a box of small size, which are components of a switching element and a controller. The relay works like a magnet: a coil wound on a ferromagnetic core. The inclusion of the device in the car causes current to flow through the winding on the core. Current produces an electromagnetic field which contains the contacts, causing current to flow to the appropriate device.

Relays are used to operate the steering wheel horn circuits, heating windows or power lights of the vehicle.

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