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Vehicle + Phrase:Ford Focus 2004 radiator
Part number:4E0959577C
Vehicle:Audi A4 B5
Category:front door
OEM:850742 VALEO
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Intake manifold, exhaust gas recirculator

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What is the exhaust gas recirculation system and what is the inlet manifold and EGR valve?

Intake manifold is a metal wire or plastic, whose job is to supply air to the cylinder or the fuel mixture. Is usually connected to the cylinder head. The collectors are divided according to the number of cylinders, the quantity of air supply pipe or the fuel mixture, and also because of the type of motor power, the location of the carburetor and the fuel injection system.

EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) is the exhaust gas recirculation valve, which is located in the exhaust system. His role is to redirect part of the exhaust gas back into the intake system (instead of air), so that is forced burning of harmful compounds. Sam EGR valve is a solenoid that opens and closes the valve regulating the flow of exhaust gas into the combustion chamber (in re-burning takes part about 15-25% opacity).

Exhaust gas recirculation systems are eco-friendly solution used in cars, whose primary function is the maximum flue gas cleaning with harmful substances. Exhaust gas recirculation for its correct operation requires a suitable temperature, as well as the proper composition of the mixture. There are two type of exhaust gas recirculation: internal (refer to solutions within the belt) and external (from the EGR valve located on the engine exhaust manifold).

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