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In category TOYOTA we have in our service 88 advertisements with car parts to mark TOYOTA. Car parts fit inter alia to vehicles:TOYOTA Auris TOYOTA Avensis TOYOTA Aygo 

History of brands of T on the hood

Toyota Motor Corporation is the world's largest automotive company engaged in production of cars, trucks and vans.
Toyota owns brands such as Daihatsu, Lexus, Subaru, Hino and Scion.

The history of Toyota

The company Toyota was founded by a Japanese inventor and industrialist Sakichiego Toyoda, and then developed by his son, Ki'ichirō Toyoda. At the beginning the company was associated with clothing and textile industry. In 1933, Toyota became a part of Toyoda Automatic Loom branch Works, thus began the history of the automotive business. The first vehicles under the Toyota brand appeared in 1935. Initially, these were cars under the name of A1, then vans - G1.

During World War II, Toyota launched production of simple goods vehicles for the military. After the war, Japan was struggling with economic problems, which did not avoid the Toyota Group. Post-war production, the first commercial passenger vehicles began in 1947, with the advent of model Toyopet SA.
In 1951, he made ​​his debut on the market model BJ, which thus gave rise to the popular Land Cruiserowi, and in 1966 she appeared on the first generation of the popular Corolla.

In 2009, Toyota has been recognized as the largest automobile manufacturer in the world, thus surpassing General Motors.

Logo and brand name Toyota

With the advent of the market first car Toyota - AA model, the company held a contest to create a logo that will be the hallmark of the brand. The company has received nearly 27 thousand. proposals for the look of the new logos.
The first proposal concerned the change of its name Toyoda, derived from the name of the founder of the company, at Toyota - which had sound better and at the same time provide a logo. New, composed of eight parts return Toyota was a symbol of wealth and happiness.
Currently used logo debuted in 1989. It had the objective of harmonizing global brand image. Contemporary logo combines three of the ellipse. Two smaller, inscribed in large, consisting of the letter T, which represents Toyota. Two internal ellipses indicate a mutual benefit and trust between the buyer and Toyota. The outer oval indicates the potential of the company and a global reach production.

Toyota in motorsports

Since the 70s of the twentieth century, Toyota is involved in a number of racing and rallying motorsport such as Formula 1, Formula 3, NASCAR, IndyCar, Toyota Racing Series, etc.
First win of Toyota, Corolla model has been achieved at the 1972Rally of the Thousand Lakes in Finland.
Since the 80s of the twentieth century, Toyota was winning the World Rally Championship, in particular in long-distance races in Africa. In 1990 and 1992, Toyota won with Carlos Sainz `em World Championship title.
In 2002,Toyota Team Europe started racing in Formula 1

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