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In category VOLKSWAGEN we have in our service 1968 advertisements with car parts to mark VOLKSWAGEN. Car parts fit inter alia to vehicles:VOLKSWAGEN Amarok VOLKSWAGEN Beetle VOLKSWAGEN Bora 

People's car - the Volkswagen brand history

History of the Volkswagen Group began in January 1934. During this time, Ferdinand Porsche presented the first draft of the Beetle. The car had an answer to Hitler's expectations as to the creation of an affordable, family car, which was to relieve inefficient rail transport. In 1938, construction began Fallersleben Kraft durch Freude factory-Wagen, which was held assembly Beetle.

Production of the first KdF-Wagen Beetle began on 11 July 1941 and lasted until August 1944.
In 1945 began the post-war production of the Beetle, thus it is considered as the official date of foundation of the Volkswagen brand. Attractive price produced cars and regularly presented new models meant that Volkswagen has become one of the most famous and biggest car manufacturers in Europe.

The first models of Volkswagen

Since 1948, Volkswagen became a symbol of the economic reconstruction of postwar Germany. Regular expansion of production and the introduction of new models of the VW concern ensured a strong position in the automotive market for many years.
In 1950, he started serial production of the flagship commercial vehicle brand, Transporter T2. Subsequent years have resulted in the extension of production, thanks to the introduction of such models as the Karmann Ghia, K70, 1500, 1600, Scirocco, Corrado, Bora, Derby, Fox, Lupo, etc.

In the 60 century, WW, Volkswagen purchased Auto Union and NSU Motorenwerke AG, historic Audi brand. This step ensured the VW concern advanced technological solutions that enabled survive the crisis 70s

At the beginning of the 1973 years began production of the next flagship brand - Passat. A year later, in the spring of 1974, began production of the popular Golf and plants in Karmann Scirocco model. In 1975, mass production came Polo.

Volkswagen Poland

At the beginning of 1991 years Volkswagen opened a representative office in Polish. As a result, the manufacturer introduced the cars of Volkswagen and Audi, and since 1996 also a Porsche.
In 1997, the factory in Poznan started assembling and later manufacturing Transporter T5 and Caddy. A year later, in Polkowice established factory which manufactures the latest generation of diesel engines - Volkswagen Motor Poland Sp. Ltd.

A few interesting facts about each model of Volkswagen

Many of the names of the models, Volkswagen took the geography, European and world culture.
The first group of names used by the Volkswagen Group includes atmospheric phenomena such as names of winds or currents. In this case, can be distinguished, among others, name:
- Bora - a reference to the cold, strong wind, blowing in the winter over the mountain in the direction of the neighborhood, the warm sea or lake
- Vento - from Italian designation Wind
- Golf - definition of sea current Gulf Stream - a stream of warm water in the Atlantic Ocean and the Arctic Ocean, which warms Europe and parts of the Arctic
- Jetta - the name of the jet stream Jet-Stream, which means the flow of air in the atmosphere
- Passat - marking a warm, constant winds in both hemispheres from highs to niżom equatorial tropics, WV Passat was supposed to be a breath of fresh wind after the crisis 70
- Santana - a reference to the Santa Ana wind, blowing from the north - eastern California
- Scirocco - the local name of warm wind from the Mediterranean, which occurs mainly in the spring before Nizami barycznymi
- Sharan - the name of the desert wind

The second group of names used by VW, a reference to the names of species of wild animals. In this case, deserve special attention models:
- Amarok - the name derives from the language of the Inuit, which means a large, menacing and lone wolf of the Arctic, transiting the Arctic areas, in relation to the model of the car is first and foremost strength in difficult conditions
- Fox - the name comes from the English language, which means fox, identifies the car as a small, perfectly checking in urban conditions
- Lupo - the name comes from the Italian language, means wolf
- Tiguan - a combination of the words tiger and iguana, is meant to symbolize militancy, ferocity and strength of a tiger and the safety and care of lizards

The third category is the name derived from the mythologies, such as:
- Phaeton - son of the Greek god of the sun, the myth of him was a symbol of the will of man to explore new ways
- Eos - the name of the Greek goddess and mother of the winds

The fourth category is a reference to elite sports. In this case deserve special attention models such as:
- Polo - a reference to the team game that can be played on horseback on a grassy field
- Golf - a reference to the royal sport means strength and good technique
- Caddy - derived from the English term helper golfer; Scottish caddy term can be interpreted as specifying the errand boy;VW Caddy is a small utility vehicle, which makes it ideal for a variety of tasks
- Derby - a reference to the English race horses

The last group of names is in no way affiliated in the above-mentioned, it can include models:
- Touran - Sharan refers to the model, in the name is a reference to the word tour, meaning the trip, name of the signal is auto created for people with active lifestyles
- Transporter - refers to a military armored vehicle, in the assumption of the manufacturer, the model has to be the perfect vehicle for transporting goods
- Caravell - a reference to the callback, lightweight and extremely durable sailing
- Crafeter - the name derived from the German noun meaning strength kraft; Crafeter a commercial vehicle, ideally checking the hard work
- Touareg - the name referring to the nomadic people inhabiting the central Sahara, the model would ideally check in difficult terrain.

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